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Health and Nutrition

Metabolic Clinic offers a holistic approach to optimal health through nutrition. Our primary focus is to educate individuals on how a whole food and balanced lifestyle can achieve the best results for long term health.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist focuses on working with people one on one with a holistic, integrative and science-based approach. We believe the best way for your body to heal itself is through food. Alongside using natural ingredients to better your health, we may suggest nutritional supplements and functional testing, but only when needed for optimal results.

We provide dietary guidance and individualised food plans to help
you with your health concerns and goals.




Skincare and Body Treatments 

At Metabolic Clinic, we also provide a leading service in skincare treatments from tailored facials to body therapy treatments.


We offer the latest in skincare with NuSkin and O Cosmedics.

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