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Nutritionist Services | Sydney

Specialising in Gut Health, Weight Loss, Hormone Health, Nutrition and Metabolic Testing


Metabolic Clinic nutritionists specialise in helping individuals with gut health issues, lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass and people who suffer from food related illnesses such as diabetes and need nutritional assistance. We educate you on how to lose the weight through eating and on how to keep the weight off through our maintenance eating plans. We will take the guesswork out and provide a tailored eating plan to suit your Resting Metabolic Rate and achieve your goal.


The tailored eating plans are based on your personal Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which is tested instantly by taking an accurate 5 minute metabolic breathing test, the team will then provide you with an eating plan.


As your metabolism constantly changes depending on your lifestyle, Metabolic Clinic offer eating plan packages that can also include additional Metabolic Tests in which we will update your eating plan to ensure accuracy and that you achieve your desired goal.


Nutrition eating plans and services at Metabolic Clinic
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Fresh Vegetable in Basket
Super Health Food
Green Goodness
Rocket Salad
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