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September 2018






1. Definitions

Benefits are the services, products, discounts, offers, activities and events or arrangements offered or available to M Members.


Eligible Transaction is a transaction where your M Membership details are provided at the time and before payment of transaction, excluding transactions listed in 5.M Membership Exclusions.


Eligible Promotions are promotions by Metabolic Clinic where the M Members may apply their 10% off discount.


Non-Promotional products and services are any non-advertised or non-discounted products and services.


10% off product and services for M Members means 10% off on eligible transactions

at Metabolic Clinic.


M Membership means the M Members registration and its card that may be issued to you. The registration details or card can be used towards purchases of eligible goods and services at Metabolic Clinic Stores only.


Privacy Policy means the privacy policy published on the Metabolic Clinic website ( as amended from time to time.


Emailed or SMS on Advertised Promotions, Sales or Discounts means the update (which may include the M Membership) sent to eligible M Members, either by mail or via SMS.


Website means, or any other site operated on behalf of Metabolic Clinic, as notified by Metabolic Clinic from time to time.


2. Your Participation and Membership


2.1 Participation in the Membership is open to individuals with a name, email address, and a phone number.


2.2 By becoming an M Member, you agree to these Terms and the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which may be amended from time to time.


2.3 You must advise Metabolic Clinic of any change of name, address, email or other details as soon as practicable after the change. Metabolic Clinic is not responsible for any loss of M Memberships or Benefits made available to M Members with any failure by you to notify Metabolic Clinic of any change in your details. Metabolic Clinic requires acceptable proof in relation to any change of details.


Changes can be made to, or by contacting the Metabolic Clinic.


3. Additional M Members


3.1 Metabolic Clinic does not offer additional M Memberships to anyone other than the registered member, under the same member name.


4. M Member Discounts/Benefits


4.1 To redeem M Member Discounts or Benefits, you must provide an M Member Card or Member name and proof to Metabolic Clinic Staff prior to the completion of your Eligible Transaction at the point of sale.


4.2 Bonus Discounts may be redeemed as follows:


- M Members 10% off Discounts can only be redeemed on non-promotional products and services unless specified by Metabolic Clinic. They can’t be redeemed on gift cards or promoted products and/or services (see 5. M Membership Exclusions for a full list).


- During eligible promotions advertised by Metabolic Clinic.


4.3 M Membership Benefits, Discounts, Promotional purchases on goods or services can only be purchased by the individual Members for their own personal purchase and only at Metabolic Clinic.


4.5 Metabolic Clinic may deduct from your M Membership purchase any M Membership Discounts, Benefits, Promotional purchases that have been credited to your purchase in error or as a result of an error, as well as any M Membership purchases which relate to an Eligible Transaction which has been cancelled, reversed, or which relate to a refunded amount.


5. M Membership Discounts or Benefits Exclusions


5.1 M Membership Discounts or Benefits do not apply to the below purchases.

In Metabolic Clinic or online at

- Purchases of gift cards, advertised promotions on Products and/or Services where T&Cs apply (will be noted on the Promotion).



6. M Membership Changes


6.1 Metabolic Clinic may at any time make any changes to the Terms, or M Members Benefits at its sole discretion, including but not limited to changes to rules governing: M Membership Discounts, Benefits, Promotions.


6.2 Metabolic Clinic will provide at least 1 month prior notice on the Metabolic Clinic website of any material changes to these Terms, or M Member Benefits offered.


7. Termination


7.1 Metabolic Clinic may in its discretion, suspend, change or terminate the participation by you for the M Membership if Metabolic Clinic reasonably believes that you have:

- Breached these Terms; or

- Engaged or may engage in fraudulent conduct, or conduct that is suspected to be fraudulent, in relation to your M Membership account or in a claim for allocation of M Membership Benefits, Discounts; or

- Engaged or may engage in inappropriate conduct that undermines the legitimate interests of Metabolic Clinic (e.g. theft from a Metabolic Clinic store)


7.2 Where Metabolic Clinic intends to terminate your M Membership, Metabolic Clinic will provide you with written notice of such termination and you will have 1 month to rectify the breach (where possible) and/or advise Metabolic Clinic in writing as to why your M Membership account should not be terminated. Metabolic Clinic will review any response you provide and will advise you of its decision. Metabolic Clinic may, at its discretion, cancel all or any M Membership Discounts or Benefits on purchases that have been redeemed by you if your right to participate in the M Membership is suspended or terminated.


You may terminate your M Membership at any time by providing written notice to Metabolic Clinic at M Membership, 1/224-228 Hamilton Road, Fairfield Heights, NSW 2165 or via email to


On receiving notification of termination from you, your M Membership account will be updated by Metabolic Clinic and listed as ‘closed’.


7.3 Metabolic Clinic may terminate the M Membership at any time by providing at least 1 Months prior notice on the Metabolic Clinic website.





8. More Information


8.1 Any failure or delay by Metabolic Clinic in exercising its rights under these Terms does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Any waiver by Metabolic Clinic must be in writing and signed by an authorised staff of Metabolic Clinic.


8.2 Metabolic Clinic may provide notice to M Membership Members on the Metabolic Clinic website by online, via email or SMS.


8.3 Where Metabolic Clinic gives you notice by email or SMS, you agree that, unless otherwise stated in these Terms, the notice is deemed to have been provided to you and on the date of actual receipt of the notice or on the date of email or SMS, whichever occurs first; provided it is sent to the last known email address and/or mobile number, Metabolic Clinic has for you with regards to the M Membership.


8.4 Except as provided in any law which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement, Metabolic Clinic does not accept any liability whatsoever including for negligent acts and omissions, with respect to the M Membership.

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