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Why am I not losing weight?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

There are many reasons we assume why we aren't losing weight. Common reasons for not losing weight could be because we are needing to exercise more intensely, we need to eat less, we are too stressed or it's our metabolism.

However, the most common reason for not losing weight could simply come down to consistency.

Here are some areas we could be more consistent which could result in weight loss:

1. Be more consistent with following a whole food and balanced way of eating. Following a meal plan around whole food and balanced eating is key. Speak to a dietitian on meal plans with tasty recipes that you can follow.

2. Be consistent with movement and exercise. If it's walking, swimming, going to the gym or even dancing, be consistent in going. If you need help motivating yourself then find a training partner or get a personal trainer.

3. Work on removing the stress from our day to day. Identity what causes the stress then build strategies in managing them. Also, meditating has been proven to improve our stress levels and help us cope with the rigours of day to day tasks.

4. Working on our metabolism. We recommend testing your metabolism through a Resting Metabolism Test. Other simple but effective ways would be to not skip meals and be more consistent with movement and exercise.

Remember that going harder or more intensely isn't always the key to long term success, consistency is!

How can we help?

Speak to our accredited practising dietitian, Chantelle. She will take you through the following process:

  • In-depth health history and analysis

  • Finding the underlining cause

  • A resting metabolic breathing test

  • Choosing appropriate functional testing (if needed)

  • Dietary intervention with supplement support

Book in for a complementary consultation with Chantelle to see how she could help.

Chantelle-Rose Martino | Accredited Practising Dietitian

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